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Onshore Wave

The Global is a multifaceted wave board that naturally delivers speed, maneuverability and responsive performance in both flatwater and onshore wave conditions.

It features added tail volume for increased planing power in backside turns and when crossing over whitewater. Sailors will also take comfort in the superior grip in bottom and top turns while backside riding due to its harder mid-section rails. It can also double as a high wind flatwater board thanks to its superior planing potential in a variety of conditions.

Although designed to be fast and easy to ride to make the most of onshore conditions, the Global is also a blast in small sideshore waves!

Key Features:
Fast Rocker = Extremely early planing + rail-to-rail carving with ease
Sharp Mid-section Rails = Superior grip & speed in bottom & top turns for backside riding
Added Tail Volume = Added planing power in turns & when crossing white water
Ergonomic Foot Straps = Comfortable fit + easy adjustment
High Density Footpads = Excellent board feel
Thruster Fin Setup = Outstanding trim range + precision board control
US Boxes = Adjustable fin positioning

Carbon Inegra PVC Deck = Lightweight + stiff + impact strength
HDX Sandwich Bottom & Pine Layer = Structural integrity & flex + impact resistance
CNC Cut EPS Core = Absolute precision shaping
Wood Reinforcement in Stance Area = Equal load distribution

Sizes: 78, 88, 98

Cast: Naish International

Tags: 2016, Global, Naish Windsurfing and Windsurfing Board