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Twin Cam Freeride/Slalom

The X2 is a completely new take on the cambered freeride/slalom concept. Designed with just 2 cams and 5 battens, the X2 goes head-to-head with 3-cam/7-batten freerace sails, yet is lighter, easier to handle and easier to rig. The low aspect ratio and moderately wide sleeve deliver incredible low-end power and acceleration, while 4 tube battens lock in the shape, making the X2 easy to control when overpowered. Our test team was particularly impressed with the smooth handling and effortless control at speed. The X2 is the best jibing cam sail on the market.

The new X2 is the perfect solution for riders who want early planing, top-end speed and easy handling in an ultralight package. It is a great choice for widebody freeride boards.

Key Features:
5 Battens/2 Cams = Slalom performance + lightweight
Center/Forward Shape = Early planing + balanced power
Low Aspect Ratio = Great handling + wide range
Single Scrim Luff Panel = Balances power + maintains drive
Composite Scrim/Dacron Sleeve = Lightweight + clean leading edge

Fusion Construction:
X-166 Leech/Dacron Body Panels = Durable
Monofilm Window = Durability + visibility
Radial Panel Layout = Maintains sail shape + progressive twist

Sizes: 5.8, 6.4, 7.0, 7.6, 8.2

Cast: Naish International

Tags: 2016, X2, Naish Windsurfing and Sail