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Etoiles inactivesEtoiles inactivesEtoiles inactivesEtoiles inactivesEtoiles inactives

A single, silver, dream took flight
And with it, came a wonderous sight
Past the gloom of worldly plight
Our love just might transcend the night

Infinitesimal diffraction of two lover's dreams
Gold particles of love cleaved off of the beams
In the darkness of void, one line became three
What lover's had been, where strangers would be

Cast away, into the cold nothingness,
whispering japes at my dissidance
and cared not ever of me none-the-less,
sheering my nape of all innocence.

Your light, by now, has all but gone
Its source so bright, it must go on

But the darkness here will comfort me
Its all that wasn't and will never be
No limits here, no space, no time or gravity
No direction, perception, no you and me. - a poem, a plea, to Love which is lost by my own hand ~Bernd Roediger

Cast: Bernd Roediger

Tags: windsurfing, Maui, Hawaii and Bernd Roediger